I hate buzzwords, I despise them. You know them and hate them just as much as me. Synergize, differentiated instruction, low hanging fruit, and so forth. The latest one is the word “pivot”.  Ironically, an action my modest efforts were up to before the epidemic. I’d like to propose a new word to focus on and it is one I have been giving a lot of thought to these past few months.  That word is “Grace”.  

Grace is something humans often think of as Divine, spiritual and otherworldly.  I would like suggest it is also a gift that we can extend to each other. With times as strenuous and anxiety ridden as they are it is needed and appreciated more than ever. 

I’d like to spend some time shining a spotlight on a dear friend who has transformed my life with her grace.  Her name is Nicole Smedley.  Nicole is a talented Floral Artist and Event Designer here in DFW and I am lucky to sometimes follow her on her adventures.  I hope everyone has a friend as supporting and loving as this woman.  Nicole is well known for her unbridled use of color that is why I’m tickled to share these pictures because it is the opposite end of the spectrum professionally speaking.  Enjoy!

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