The Real Deal

God made Texas mighty large. Not because he wanted to show off, but because in his infinite wisdom he knew how many Florists would call this state their home. He knew that many peacocks would need a lot of room to do the things that peacocks do. In contrast, there’s Drew Holitik. Doing his own thing and doing so happily, quietly. Florists have their favorite florist, and this Artisan is my favorite. I especially love Drew’s sense of scale, his taste in textures, and his attention to detail. I could go on forever, but really he is just the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. That adorable kissy face he is making below is him not taking life too seriously. Scroll below these lovely pics for our mini-interview.

TE:I think you are the calmest florist I have ever met.  Working with you I’ve observed some really healthy habits, work pace, mindfulness, flexibility, respect, surrounding yourself with the right people.  Can you expand upon what this thoughtfulness has brought into your professional life?

DH: I’m not sure that I’m truly calm, lol. But I’ve had a lot of years to learn how much I can get done in a period of time. I’ve also learned that something will always go wrong, so flexibility is key. I’ve always been blessed to have fun, talented people around me. You can always teach someone to make a boutonnière, but you can’t teach people to be positive and laugh. When I’m surrounded by positive people, I am positive. And it shows in my work.

TE: For a person flirting with the idea of wanting to work with flowers. What would you suggest as a way for them to dip their toes in the water?

DH: Run 


TE: What inspires you?  

DH: People.  

TE: I think that says a lot about you.  You know when Frank Lloyd Wright was asked that he said “Nothing”  or was it “No one”?  Either way that’s most sad.

TE: What’s the ugliest flower on earth?

DH: A stripped down rose. I think guard petals are the prettiest part of the rose, all the texture and shades of color. No one wants a 1985 rose bud.   

TE: What will be big 2021? 

DH: Beautiful things done for small amounts of people. Our ability to entertain has been curtailed, but I’m seeing more clients go all out with small dinners and intimate weddings. I love that.

TE: Agreed. Everything is looking lovingly curated and sumptuous, especially so in your hands.

TE: Any desire to participate in these crazy flower TV shows popping up?

DH: No. I was approached twice about a reality show. I feel that what we do is magical, and I don’t think anyone has ever been excited by looking behind the curtain in OZ 

TE: Between sleep & hunger deprivation I’m not sure if I could rise to the occasion. Hangriness is a real thing for me, maybe I can get a snickers deal. 

TE: I love how you dote on your clients. It takes a special kind of (crazy/) love to commit to 45 homemade lemon bundt cakes for Christmas gifts…. you could of farmed it out… you could of cheated and none would be the wiser….  Do you really believe you get back what you put out ?

DH: If you do things in life for a strict, even return on investment you’ll always be disappointed. I can’t afford $350 candles or coffee table books, but I can make a damned good bundt cake. It turned into 62, but the texts I got, and the pics of people eating it while building Santa toys at 1am were worth it. The fact that people in this town actually ate carbs and sugar was amazing. 

TE: That’s hysterical that you’ve secured proof of people eating something besides Ezekiel bread or tacos here in DFW.

TE: What’s the lesson in 2020 for you?   

DH: To be flexible and listen

TE: You are not a name dropper and you have seen a lot, but is there one person you would love to work with? 

DH: Ryan Reynolds (for personal reasons) and Laura Bush. I’ve been blessed to be around several heads of state. Mrs Bush has always exuded a grace and kindness I hold in the highest regard. And Ryan Reynolds has a great body.

TE: I would be terrified of Ryan Reynolds because I bet he spends hours plotting great pranks. You are brave.  Permian Basin Ladies are indeed very gracious so yes invite me along when Mrs. Bush calls.

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